Thursday, August 02, 2018

Sand Castles

How can you build SAND CASTLES when you are not at the BEACH?

Easy! These little artists built these fabulous sand castles right here in the art studio, and yours can too.

All you need is sandpaper! 

You'll also need a large piece of white drawing paper, tempera paint (blue, green, and white), scraps of construction paper, a few tiny seashells, glue stick, white glue, and scissors. 

We also used crayons, a butterfly punch, and scraps of patterned paper for a few added details.

It also helps to have a photo or two of sandcastles to look at. 

Start by painting the ocean using any combination of green, white, and blue. This artist mixed all three together to create a lovely turquoise sea. They can leave the bottom of the paper unpainted because it will be covered with a sandpaper beach. 

Next, have them tear one or two wide strips of sandpaper and glue it to the bottom of the painting. 

While the paint dries, cut a few basic shapes out of sandpaper and show them how to lay it out to form towers and other structures you might find in a sand castle. These artists loved cutting sandpaper - and tearing it too! 

They arranged their pieces on the beach until they were satisfied, then they glued them down.

Now it's time for the details! One thing we found is that it's really fun to draw on sandpaper with crayons! 

Out artists added windows and doors. Then they added beach balls, butterflies, sand buckets, and sea creatures. We also glued on tiny seashells with hot glue, but white glue works too.

This artist added an entire family to her beach, but then had second thoughts. She finally decided the beach was too crowded, so she removed the children and left the parents resting on the beach while the children went swimming!

Artistic license allows you do these things, you know.

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