Friday, August 03, 2018

Sea Wanderers

Wanderers of the Sea

Graceful and so elegant
These Wanderers of the Sea
So calm, these gentle giants
As they sing their songs to me.
They wander through the oceans
Though mammals they may be.
They live and sleep among the fish
These Wanderers of the Sea.

We created our own Sea Wanderers with tempera paint on heavy paper, 22" x 22." 

We added collage graphics and details once the paint was dry. 

This was a great lesson in mixing and using monochromatic shades and tints to create values to depict depth and volume. 

We started with dark to light blues in the whale, then used a mixed shade of blue, green, or turquoise to create the sea, again using mixed tints and shades.

It was okay to work from dark to light, then start from dark to light again, like layers of ocean waves in the distance.

Next, the sky was painted. Then other sea creatures and details were drawn, cut out, and glued into the ocean scene. 

Our whales also spouted a plume of water from their blowholes, to which some artists added shimmering glitter paint!

Each artist was also given a copy of the poem, Wanderers of the Sea, shown at the top of this page. Some chose to attach it as an element of their artwork. I love to help young artists make connections between the visual and language arts, especially poetry.


Our thanks to Studio "Change" in Omsk for this amazing art project idea!

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