Friday, August 10, 2018

Winged Wonders!

We created a variety of flying insects during  "Winged Wonders" week. 

First, we learned about Insect Symmetry to understand and create insect anatomy.

We folded our paper down the middle and, using an black oil pastel, we drew one half of the head (and eyes and antennae) along the fold at the top. Then we drew one half of the thorax below the head and one half of the abdomen. We added three legs and a few interior patterns, then we folded the paper in half again with the drawing to the inside. 

We rubbed the folded paper all over allowing the pressure and heat of our hands to transfer some of the oil pastel drawing to the other half. Then we opened in and went over the lines one more time with the oil pastel. Then we painted our symmetrical insect and the background with tempera paint, and added a few acrylic glitter paint dots with the tip of a paintbrush handle. 

Next, we created these amazing dragonflies! 

The basic shape was first sketched with pencil to ensure proper placement on the page. Then it was redrawn with a fine point (or ultra-fine point) black Sharpie, and texture was added to the head, thorax, and abdomen.

Now it was time for the artist to add creative forms and patterns to the wings. They could be simple checkerboard patterns, wavy lines, zigzags, or Zentangles. Or, they could be complex realistic patterns like those found in dragonfly photo images.

Here is the completed inked dragonfly. 

Lastly, we added watercolor. We used wet-on-wet for most of the painting, remembering that Sharpies will not run or smudge. We also added a little salt for texture (and because we like it.)

As an option, a bit of iridescent paint can be added to the eyes, wings, or body. Or the whole dragonfly!

Dragonfly, watercolor and ink, by Abbigail A.

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