Friday, August 03, 2018

Sea Creatures!

Our Budding Artists made SEA CREATURES! Actually, they made entire FAMILIES of sea creatures! 

We made seahorses and we made octopuses. Our projects involved lots of fun crafty materials and processes that help young artists build skills while being creative and making something they can take home and play with!

First we read Eric Carle's Mr. Seahorse and learned that daddy seahorses take very good care of their children.

Then we made our own seahorses. We painted folded paper plates with watery white glue and stuck on colorful tissue to make the seahorse body. We added heads and tails and fins with a stapler and we glued on an eye. 

Then our artists made child seahorses with folded cupcake papers and markers (this was their own original idea).

Next we made octopuses using strips of construction paper. It was fun adding the tentacles with paint dotting tools (bingo daubers). We also learned to curl the octopus legs (arms?) around a pencil or marker. 

How do you make a girl octopus? 

Long eyelashes and a bow. Of course.

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