Saturday, August 04, 2018

Take a Walk on the Beach

Continuing with our seashores and oceans theme, we created Beach Art!

This one, entitled "A Walk on the Beach," was rendered with oil pastel on blue construction paper. 

We used this photo as a visual resource for this artwork.

I can almost hear the crashing waves! Can you?

We also painted a tropical beach scene at sunset. We used soft pastels to cover the paper from top to center with sunset colors and then reflective colors to the bottom of the paper. Laying in the color works best with the pastels lying flat instead of using the tips.

Next, we poured white tempera paint into a bowl, dipped a finger into the paint, and smeared it back and forth over the soft pastels to blend the colors and create a lovely sunset-lit sky. 

After the paint dried, we sketched in a simple tropical scene with vine charcoal - just the landscape shapes in the background and the tree shapes. Then we filled in the shapes with thick black tempera paint, adding the palm tree fronds and a flock of birds with slightly thinned tempera.

We loved them so much we framed them!

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