Saturday, July 05, 2014

Awesome Abstract Art!

Abstract art is about play!

All of this week's art projects involved experimenting and playing with shape, pattern, color, form, and various media. Mostly, though, it was about having FUN with art!
on white paper

Our kinder / 1st grade Camp created large (3' x 4') collaborative prints. Each group planned and created two paintings, one on white paper and another on black (which they painted black with rollers first).
on black paper 

2nd grade Campers created these abstract prints.

They worked together, deciding which colors to use, which stamping shapes to use, where to put what, and when to stop. This was a lot of work for 5- and 6-year-olds! The artwork was pretty goopy and wet, so we decided to give it a whole week to dry!

During another session, the children colored heavily on white paper, then painted over their work with watery temperas (using cake temperas - like giant watercolor trays) for a crayon resist result. Again, these were non-objective, random shapes, colors, and patterns:
Children find great satisfaction in going back to the "scribbling" stage, with no pressure from themselves or others to create representational art. 

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