Saturday, November 07, 2015

Mixed Media Project - Super Fun!

We created these AMAZING abstract pieces using two basic types of media, and one more thing: playfulness!

PART 1: We tore colors, pictures, and text out of magazines, newspapers, and art paper scraps, and arranged them rather randomly on a piece of white construction paper (rule: no scissors allowed). Then we glued them down. The artwork on the right, created by 12-year-old Isaac, included folded paper bits protruding from the background for a very interesting 3-D effect.

Part 2: Each artist selected two or three colors of tempera paint, plus white. They then mixed a few tints and hues of their own and added paint to collage. Each artist had his or her own style, and it was so much fun to watch! Paint was dabbed, blotted, swished, splattered, swirled, and splotched! The artwork itself was often used as a mixing palette, with delightful results; don't you agree?

We decided we really like abstract art because it's fun to do and fun to look at!

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