Friday, May 20, 2016

Cool Colorful Cutout Collage!

Oh goodness, this was a fun one! You know how we all strive so hard to draw things realistically; like that is SO important? Well, guess what folks... it's not! In fact, creating non-objective art is much more fun! No worries about making it look like something real. In fact, most non-objective, abstract art doesn't look like anything recognizable; no words or symbols, nothing representational. The idea of making abstract art can be hard to internalize, especially for adults, but even for children. Ask a 10-or a 12-year-old to just "paint" without worrying about making a representational picture, and they don't quite "get it." However, our group figured it out when they realized they could do whatever they wanted with the paint: splat, swirl, drip, brush, blot, stamp, drag, or whatever with whatever colors they wanted. 

This was fun in itself, but then we had even more fun! After it dried, we cut our artwork into 2-inch squares! WHAAAT? Now we had all of these individual tiny pieces of art, each one unique, interesting, and amazing! We spread them out and swapped a few with classmates, then arranged them on a black or white substrate in a grid-like fashion for gluing. Results? These are just a few of our stunning abstract designs!

Our students had a great time and really enjoyed this project. Maybe we need to create non-objective art more often! If you would like your child to try it, we are offering an Abstract Art day camp this summer at the Blackfoot Art Center! 

Also, we will be adding a few abstract paintings to our guided painting event calendar in the near future. You don't need to know how to draw or paint. Abstract painting is relaxing and stress free, plus you get a pretty awesome piece of art when you're done!

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