Monday, October 03, 2016

All About Color!

All About Color is the Blackfoot Art Center's newest art class. Take this course and learn everything you never knew about color! Students will learn
  • to appreciate the beauty and versatility of color
  • to recognize the complexities of color and color relationships
  • to understand the psychological meanings of color and how they affect us
  • to see how light affects color and how our brains perceive color
  • to successfully mix, manipulate, and combine colors in their artwork                    
Students will receive weekly in-class projects and challenges using a variety of media including paint, pastel, coloring pencil, and collage materials. 

It is suggested that students complete each lesson in progression so that they can build on previously acquired skills. However, it is okay to sign up for this class sign up at any time, as each student will be working on projects as open studio and individualized assignments.  

This 10-week course is for students ages 16 and up.

Day: Tuesdays, Adult Open Studio
Dates: Starts in January 2017 
Times: 6:30-8:30 pm
Course Fee: $10.00 per two-hour class session

Please visit the BAC website to learn more or to download a class registration form.

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