Thursday, December 29, 2016

Glimmering Ornaments!

These ornaments are so shiny and lovely!
They are also fairly easy to create:

1) The branches are created with oil pastels: first two or three colors of brown and tan are layered for the "stems." Then, four or five colors ranging from dark green to mint green to yellow are layered on and around the stems.

2) The ornaments are made by tracing round objects on scraps of colored construction paper. Also try diamond shapes, etc. Do not cut them out until after the next step!

3) Find two sticks of soft pastels that are similar in color to each ornament, using light blue for a white (snowman) ornament. Lay each soft pastel on its side and apply in a circular motion to each round ornament, using the darker shade of the color on the outside and the lighter color tint on the inside of each ornament. Rub the colors gently in a circular motion to blend from the outside to the inside.

4) Add a few white highlights with soft pastel. Add any other desired details.

5) Using a metallic Sharpie and/or paper scraps, add additional details and an ornament cap to each ornament.

6) Carefully cut out each ornament. Place each one just below a branch, rearranging them until you like how they look. Glue each one down.

7) Use a metallic Sharpie to add a hook to each ornament, and hide part of the hook behind stem or a few pine needles.

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