Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Clay Camp!

Clay Camp was great fun! 

We experimented with air dry clay and learned the basics of pinch pots, coil, slab building, and using clay tools to cut, score, impress, and create texture. Then we made cool stuff to paint later, after a few days of drying. 

We also tried Model Magic and learned how to color it with Crayola Markers. Model Magic is NOT like regular clay, but it sure is squishy and FUN! You can dry it like air dry clay and paint it, too.

We even made our own play dough. Lots of mixing and muscle-work needed, but we DID it! We colored our dough, added a little glitter (for sparkle!)  and made it smell good (like vanilla and/or peppermint), then we shared a ball of our 'handmade' play dough with everyone else!

Cat sculpture armatures - before clay is added

Cat sculptures - clay smoothed over armatures
Amory made the large cat sculpture using an armature formed with wire, newspaper (for bulk) and aluminum foil. We learned that clay legs and heads do not break off sculptures that are formed over an armature.

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