Saturday, March 31, 2018

Awesome Easter Baskets!

We love seasonal art projects; and this fun Easter basket was also a great skill-builder! 

As we worked on the project, we took note of each step and the skills being learned and/or practiced along the way. 

Some skills were easy and some were more challenging. 

For example, gluing, painting, and doodling are familiar skills. 

Tracing, cutting, resist painting, paper punching, and designing were more challenging for some artists, but fun to practice. 

Crimping, trimming (with funky scissors), and paper weaving were new skills for most, and very satisfying once accomplished! 

(Shredding was also on the list, but I operated the amazing grass-making machine: also known as the paper shredder.) 

Everyone had success creating this process-based art, and all were delighted with their amazing Easter baskets!

Our Little Artists made their own Easter Baskets, too!

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