Saturday, September 29, 2018


Our first Fall Session's art class theme was animal art, including horses, elephants, and bears, so it seemed fitting to end with these amazing DRAGONS!

This was a really fun project for all ages. I provided step-by-step drawing instructions for different types of dragons to give them the general idea, but I also encouraged them to draw from their imaginations -- and most of them knew exactly how their dragon would look. 

To start this project, we first drew a simple border around the outside of the paper. The dragon had to be SO BIG that it overlapped the border! 

We also added personal symbols to the borders or to the corners, and we painted our dragons with watercolors. The borders were then painted and more details added with markers. 

Some artists painted their backgrounds, adding a sky with clouds, and others chose to leave them unpainted. 

All of the dragons were outlined with black Sharpies and textures were added, such as various scale patterns.

This painting took two class periods to complete for some artists, and everyone really enjoyed it!

Our thanks to Art Lessons for Kids for this awesome dragon art idea!

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