Sunday, December 16, 2018

Paint-a-Cat Workshop

We painted cats!

At this special painting party, these young artists painted cats. They worked either from photos of cats chosen from our large resource picture file, or from their own photo of a special kitty.

First the artists received basic how-to-sketch-a-cat instructions, starting with observing the cat's position and sketching its basic body and head shape, then adding smaller details such as ears, eyes, paws, and tail.

They then painted in the background color(s), and then the basic colors of the cat's fur were added. 

Details were added, such as facial features and patterns in the fur. Using a dry brush technique and a bristle brush, the texture of the fur was then painted over the first layer of color.

Once finished, the artist stood back to observe the painting and decide how to tweak and finish the artwork.

These beautiful 9" x 12" paintings were completed in just over two hours. 

Pretty impressive!

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