Friday, January 04, 2019

The Grinch!

The Grinch is still trying to steal Christmas!

This is a simplified children's art class version of our Grinchy canvas painting. 

Instead of acrylic paint, we used mixed media to create this artwork.

We started by drawing the Grinch's arm in pencil on black construction paper; just the basic shapes. 

Then we painted the sooty red sleeve with the white fur and added a bit of gray to it. We used tempera paint for this.

Next, we painted the Grinch's hand green. After that we layered a mixture of yellow-green with a bristle brush, using a dry brush technique to create a furry texture. Then we did it again with yellow.  

While our paint dried, we made a big round ornament on heavy white paper. We used oil pastel, choosing three shades of one color and blending with a finger. Then we cut it out.   

We BROKE the ornament by cutting it and removing a piece from the center. We glued it to the black background just beneath the hand, and added a metallic (Sharpie) hanger and white shiny marks to make the ornament look like glass.

This Grinch has had a busy night; the fur is falling from his jacket!
The fur texture on the Grinch's hand is tricky and fun to create.

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