Sunday, November 04, 2018

Autumn Reflections

We call this one "Autumn Reflections." 

It's sort of an illusion that we created using collage and gouache (pronounced gwash) (like squash).

First we observed reflected autumn colors from photos in our resource file. We have lots of autumn scenes to look at, like this one:

We decided tearing would work better than cutting to make a natural looking scene. We carefully tore a long skinny land mass from a folded piece of brown construction paper, unfolded it, and glued it along the center for our horizon line. 

Using the gouache, we painted clouds in the sky and the reflected (mirrored) clouds in the water. Tricky!

Then we tore our trees from folded paper of various autumn colors, unfolded, and separated them. 

We glued them along the top and bottom of the land mass to create a mirror image in the lake. We also placed a few smaller trees in front of larger ones. 

Each tree was then painted (plus its reflection) and dabs of color were placed on the land mass to represent fallen leaves.

We now created "water" by adding wiggly white horizontal lines right over the tree reflections. 

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