Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Fox's First Fall

It's this young fox's first autumn and he is watching the leaves swirling in the wind as they fall from the trees. Maybe he is a little confused...  maybe he is wondering why the sky is falling and his world is changing. 

To create this painting, we first observed pictures of young foxes. We looked at the shape of the head and body, the brightly colored fur, and beautiful fluffy tails.

Then we drew the basic shape of the fox, step-by-step, making sure the fox was large enough to fill the paper.

We chose oil pastels in 'fox' and 'autumn leaf' colors. We used them to outline our fox again, this time adding a furry texture around the body and added black details; and we drew lots of leaves swirling around the fox for him to look at. 

With liquid tempera, we painted the background light blue and green grass along the bottom. We painted the fox a light peach color (which we mixed using yellow, orange, and white) and we painted his white fur a brownish-grayish color (burnt sienna, blue, gray, and white).

We added two more brownish-orange colors using short brush strokes to create a furry texture, and we added white highlights into the white fur. 

Another option was to add short brush strokes of color into the background to create a "blustery-day" look, as in this sample.

The last step was to stand back and decide how to 'finish' the painting. 

We decided to add a few more details with oil pastel details over the dried paint.

What adorable little foxes!

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