Saturday, February 23, 2019

Delectable Donuts!

We have a tradition at the Blackfoot Art Center: between Valentine's Day and the end of  February, we make pastry art in the style of Wayne Thiebaud, a contemporary painter of desserts!

This year, we created these delectable, delicious DONUTS.

First, we observed all kinds of donuts. 

Then, on a sheet of watercolor paper, we traced a lid several times and added a donut hole inside each circle. 

Using craft (acrylic) paint we then painted inside the outer and inner lines of the donut in various shades of tan and brown.

Now we added icing to each donut, using two or more tints of the icing color to paint and also highlight around the top with a shiny surface, like real frosting.   

Some artists added additional features, like rainbow  or glitter snow icing (which was spread on with a palette knife).

Finally, the donuts were completed with yummy details like tiny sprinkle cut-outs, iridescent glitter, and puff paint.

The last step was to add shadows around and beneath the donuts using charcoal pencil, soft charcoal, and a bit of rubbing.  

My sample
These donut artists ranged in age from 11 to 15 years old.

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