Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Mythical Creatures!

These mythical creatures are so amazing and beautiful! Each one is carefully rendered and placed in its unique habitat. These were beautifully done - I am so proud of our Home School Art Club artists!

To create them, we first we studied some of the creations of Bobby Chiu - like this little guy: 

Our artists were to combine at least two different animals into a mythical one.  We sketched various ideas until our new creature was finalized. 

Then we sketched the final version to a piece of black sulphite paper, and colored it in with soft Prismacolor and Spectracolor colored pencils. 

Emphasis was on textures and details, like feathers, fur, and scales, as well as highlights and shadows.

We had two different solutions for completing the background. Some artists added a few habitat details to the black paper surrounding the creature. 

Then a painted border was created on which to mount the artwork.

This artist added additional detail to the painted border.

Other artists chose to cut out their creatures and place them in a habitat, which was painted in watercolor. 

After the background dried, it was completed with colored pencil and the creature was glued into its new home.

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