Thursday, April 11, 2019

Busy Little Artists

Our Little Artists have been super busy!!!

To celebrate the first day of spring, they made these Birds on a Limb.  

This process art project is a painted mixed media collage that includes natural elements. 

Adding the feathers was extra fun!

We also made these awesome cardboard collages!

Young children love working with shapes and textures, and they like to construct with GLUE. Here they could choose from brushing on white glue or giant glue sticks!

The next step was to paint the collage. We used liquid temperas, which I pre-mixed with a bit of white for added opacity. 

Finally, the blow dryers! This is probably these boys' favorite part of this (or any) art project!

These Crazy Critters were so much fun to make!!! 

These critters have moving parts and include paint, markers, yarn, and anything else our little artists wanted to add. 

Like pipe cleaners and recycled treasures, which we have a lot of. 

This critter is a toy-eating monster that is not named Jack. (This was made very clear to me.)

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