Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Landscape Acrylic Painting

Our Open Studio adult class completed these 9" x 12" acrylic paintings on watercolor paper.

These are line landscapes, which are lanscapes that do not rely on one- or two-point perspective to suggest distance. 

We learned how to depict the foreground, mid-ground and background through the use of color and texture. 

Our technique was similar to that of the impressionists, using light and shadow in loose dabs of color without too much focus on detail. 

Our second acrylic painting project was this Mountain Sunset. These were painted on 11" x 14" canvas panels. 

This is another line landscape painting, which provided artists with experience in blending colors, creating clouds, and painting detailed silhouettes of trees, this time showing distance through varying the sizes of the trees.

This artist added a drop or two of complementary color to each of her sky colors, which reduced each color's  chroma for a milder tone. 

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