Friday, June 28, 2019

Amazing Giraffes!

Did you know June 21 is World Giraffe Day?

To celebrate giraffes, we created giraffe art!

These were no ordinary giraffes... ours were abstract giraffes that displayed interesting patterns and symbols in their spots.

These works of art were first sketched in pencil using our flip flop template (with a few adjustments) for the head. Then we added the neck and painted the background.

The giraffe was painted in a light color of choice, then the spots were added. After they dried, each spot was embellished with a pattern or symbol and the facial features were added. Then the entire figure was outlined in black, and symbols were added to the background as an option. 

This is a liquid tempera on white 9" x 22" poster board.   

This is my sample, but as always, the kids' artwork is so much more imaginative and spontaneous than my own! 

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