Friday, June 28, 2019

More Giraffes!

Our Friday afternoon class made these awesome giraffes!

We celebrated World Giraffe Day by creating these beautiful mixed media giraffes. 

They were sketched on 12 x 18 white sulfite paper, painted, cut out, and glued to a piece of black sulfite paper along with several leaves that we also painted and cut out to show a bit of the giraffe's habitat. 

After they were sketched we used oil pastels to create and outline the spots on the giraffe. That way the oil pastel resisted the paint. We used cake temperas since liquid temperas would be too thick to work.

Next we cut out our leaves and our giraffes.

Then we arranged everything on the black paper, with a goal of overlapping a few of the leaves behind or in front of the giraffe for a more 3-D look. When they looked awesome, we glued everything down.

Our thanks to That Artist Woman for this great art project idea!

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