Friday, July 19, 2019

Cute Little Fairies!

This week our camps and classes celebrated fantasy, magic, and enchanted things... like garden gnomes, wishing wells, and all sorts of adorable fairies! 

Our Friday art class created these cute mixed media fairies. 

Before starting, we looked at several nostalgic garden fairy paintings, like this one of the Lilac Fairy. 

We thought about what type of fairy we would create. What would she look like and dress like? What powers would she have? Where would she live?

I helped them draw their fairies step-by-step, giving them plenty of personal options as we went along. We drew them with Sharpies, which encourages confident artists!

Next, we added areas of color with crayon, pressing hard. We didn't color in the fairy, just added interesting and colorful details in the fairy and in the background.

Finally, we painted over everything in watercolor for a crayon resist effect. The Sharpie doesn't smear and the crayon pops out! 

 Aren't they adorable?

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