Saturday, July 20, 2019

Fairy Houses!

Arabella's Fairy House
This week's Summer Art Campers built these magical fairy houses!

They worked so hard to include every little detail that would make a fairy feel right at home. 

Fortunately, we've accumulated a lot of perfect fairy house and garden items and supplies, from which they freely chose what they would need for their fairy house and garden creations. 

First things first... we made our mushrooms and garden gnomes out of air-dry clay. That way they would have time to dry so we could paint them later. 

Our houses were made of milk cartons: they have a perfect square shape and a pitched roof. 
Our houses were covered with tree bark, wood scraps, twigs, and mortared rocks. The roofing material was shingles broken from large pine cones. 

Now it was time to create a garden for our fairy house. We placed them on weathered fence wood planks and added whatever we could dream up. We used white glue to attach things like rock paths and flat items. But mostly we used hot glue to attach anything that could otherwise fall. 

We painted our little red and white mushrooms and we painted our garden gnomes. Then we hid them throughout our gardens.

Finally, we each made a magical little fairy, each with its own powers and special personality. 

I was impressed by the amount of detail that went into each and every fairy house and garden. 

Look carefully and you might see:

Wishing wells

Tire swings


Hidden garden gnomes

Bird baths


Window box gardens

Door bells

Crystal wind chimes

Pots of flowers

Gazing balls


Garden chairs


A garden table





A clothesline

Birds' nests

A garden swing

Fruit (to eat later)

Birds' eggs

Fairies with magic wands

Acorn bird houses

All of these things were made from natural (or faux-natural) things or objects that a fairy might find and bring back to her home (like these jewels this fairy is wearing on her dress).

This was a great project for kids to learn so many skills: like planning and design, innovation/thinking out-of-the-box, trial and error, engineering (a STEAM skill), how to properly use a hot glue gun (and when white glue is a better choice), choosing from and using a variety of supplies and materials, story-telling, and the pride of successfully completing an amazing and uniquely individual project!
Kennedy's Fairy House
Kieleigh's Fairy House
Madi's Fairy House

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