Monday, September 23, 2019

Beautiful Sunflowers!!!

To commemorate the end of summer, we painted  these gorgeous SUNFLOWERS!

First we examined resource photos of sunflowers, like this one that grew in my yard a few years ago. 

We also observed a vase of sunflowers and similar flowers (like black-eyed susans), and a few paintings of sunflowers.

Using liquid temperas, we then painted a dot somewhere near the center of the paper but not right in the center.  Then we created a bulls-eye type design around the dot using any chosen colors. 

We then mixed a bit of orange into our yellow paint and created the petals of our flower. We also added a bit more orange to the petals to create depth. Some also added a bit of yellow-green. Then we painted another smaller flower in one of the corners (if there was room).

The next step was challenging but fun! We added patterns to inside of our sunflower, like dots, zigzags, short lines, and curvy lines. Some were white but most were black. 

(We used a stylus to paint many of our little dots.)

Next, we painted the background around the flower using as many tints and tones of green as we could make and/or share.

The last step was to add a critter! 

Our artists added ladybugs, butterflies, ants, spiders, and beetles.

Our artists ranged in age from 6 to 12 years old. 

This is my sunflower sample.

This lovely sunflowers were created by a 6-year-old!

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