Saturday, September 28, 2019


This week our Friday classes painted UNICORNS! 

This was a bit different than a normal art class lesson in that it was a choice-based art project. 

Our goal is always to encourage self-expression and creativity, even within the parameters of the given project or process. However, everyone wanted to paint the unicorn like the one hanging on our wall, so I decided to offer choices and options to make the unicorn their own. This was my effort to lean more towards TAB art education methodology (Teaching for Artistic Behavior) and to not produce a roomful of look alike artwork. 

I would like to incorporate TAB in as many of our art projects as possible. 

Choices and options:
What media will you use? Options might be watercolor, tempera paint, or acrylic paint.

What will you paint on?
Surfaces might include a canvas panel or watercolor paper (depending on paint media).

What drawing method will you use? I encourage freehand drawing, but for the sake of getting to the process of painting I collected a variety of unicorn templates for them to choose from to trace & transfer. 

What will be in the background? Landscape, sky, rainbow colors?

What will be your color scheme?
Analogous colors, color tints, or maybe rainbow colors?

Will you add an outline?

How will you finish your painting?

These artists all chose to use a favorite unicorn image template and many used carbon paper for the very first time. It was so fun to see them lift the corners and see the image transferring to the canvas like magic! This allowed them to not sweat the drawing and move on to the real fun of painting in their unicorns!

Everyone also chose to paint on canvas except for this young artist who has a cast on his dominant arm and decided that watercolor would be easier to handle. I think he was right! 

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