Thursday, October 31, 2019

Story Book Art!

Our last Little Artists class of October happened right on Halloween, so we read a spooky book and then we made ART

Story Book ART Time is all about reading children's literature together and then creating art based on the book. 

Our goal is to also ensure that these literature-based activities continue to be open-ended and process-based; not cookie-cutter craft projects.

This artwork is based on the book, I SPY Spooky Night, a visually exciting book in which we examined various spooky settings while searching for specific objects.

For our art, we created an I SPY collage of our own using pictures, stickers, and cutouts. 

Then each artist challenged the others to find an object or to count the number of a certain type of object in his/her artwork. 

For example, how many pumpkins can you find in Georgie's collage? How many school buses? How many animals?

Little Artists Story Book ART Time continues throughout the Winter Session (November 7 - February 27). You can learn more or register your Little Artist at the Art Center or on our website.

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