Friday, November 01, 2019

Close-up CANDY!

What do you do on the day after Halloween??? (I know every school teacher asks this too.)

My answer? Go with it!!! Celebrate the sugar high by making candy art!

We used my left over Halloween candy plus  homemade caramel corn for this project. Each artist was given a 3" by 3" white card stage on which to set up a tiny candy still life. 

They were also given a 9" by 9" piece of paper on which to proportionally enlarge the still life. Tricky! 

Sketching lightly in pencil was essential as they worked out ratios and visual measurements.


The next step was to fill in the candy shapes with soft pastels. No detail work is necessary at the this point. Artists simply add carefully matched colors to a shape and blend with the fingers.

Now colored pencils and charcoal pencils are used to add detail and shadows to each candy piece. An eraser can be used to remove color and creating highlights.

Now it was time to create the shadows beneath the candies, just as seen on our little candy stages. This was done using charcoal pencils, various grey soft pastels, and tortillions and stumps for blending in tight areas, as seen on the right.

After all of the details have been added and each candy has shadows beneath it, we added a bit more grey here and there because in art or photography, white surfaces are never completely white, such as snow, for example. 

These artists ranged in age from 8 to 12.

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