Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Another Autumn Still Life

This week we created another autumn-themed still life painting.

Instead of paint, this one was created using all dry media - pastel on black paper. 

We started by selecting at least three different objects, such as birch tree branches, gourds, leaves, and fruit. Then the objects are arranged on a paper "stage" to create an interesting still life. 

Next, the still life is carefully drawn on a piece of heavy black construction paper using a black oil pastel. No pencil! 

Now comes the fun! Artists are given soft pastels, from which they select a palette of colors to match those in their still life arrangement.  Then they fill in the sections they created with their oil pastels.

Colors can be layered and blended with the fingers or a blending stump to create new colors and/or soft edges. Additional details can be drawn over the colors, such as veins in the leaves.

A shadow can also be created at the base of the still life using black soft pastels or charcoal. the shadow follows the bottom edges, and then is lightly rubbed to achieve soft edges.

The objects can also be retraced with black oil pastel. Black details can be added to the birch branches, and white highlights to add shine to smooth objects.

Our artists had so much fun! For some it was their first art experience with pastels.

These works were created by artists age 8 to adult.

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