Saturday, November 16, 2019

Gorgeous Gourds!

I found these gourds at the grocery store and couldn't pass them up. 

What a great subject for fall paintings! 

Our adult students placed two gourds on a white sheet of paper (so that we could see the shadows). Then we carefully drew the gourds using watercolor pencils and used a wet brush to spread the colors. We added shadows, again brushing with water to soften them.

The last step was to add details and textures using w/c pencils.

Our younger students painted the gourds too. 

They chose at least one gourd plus a few more elements for their autumn still life arrangements. 
Then they carefully sketched it on a piece of watercolor paper.

When finished, they added color using oil pastels.

The next step was to paint over the oil pastel with watercolors for a resist effect. We also painted in soft shadows below the still life and added a background color as an option.

Lexie is adding details and color to her pencil sketch 
with oil pastels.

 Alyssa is adding watercolors right over her oil pastels.
 Below is an example of the still life with the completed artwork. 
These young artists ranged in age from 7 to 11.

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