Saturday, November 09, 2019

More Bears in the Berries!

We've again painted bears in the berry bushes, just like last year. 

They'll be sleeping through the winter, so these bears need to fatten up!

This is a humorous illustration of bears getting "caught" in the berry bushes. Their expressions of surprise and the tell-tail juice all over their faces and paws tell the whole story, right?

We started by filling in our sketches of a simple bear shape with very light color. We used cake tempera, but watercolor could also be used.

We then added texture using detail brushes and thicker brown paint.

Next, we added our berry bushes in the background by painting swirls of green and adding leaves, grasses, and other details.

We then added simple blotches of purples, reds, and blues to represent berries.

Then we used Sharpies to add details to the berries and background, as well as definition to the bear's facial features and fur.

These artists ranged in age from 6 to 12 years old. Take a look at our first Bears in the Berries art project, too!

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