Sunday, November 03, 2019

Little Artists Open Studio

Open Studio art is what little artists are all about. All they need are a few tools, like glue, paint, and scissors; and a variety of art materials. 

Art materials can be anything a child can use to make art, so it helps to have a good collection of "stuff." 

That's why we have a MakerSpace, which this little artist took full advantage of in just one afternoon.

First, she made a haunted house collage with traditional materials such as construction paper scraps, tracing paper, a glue stick, and markers. 

Wanting to explore collage a bit more, she then made this collage of poster board scraps and a cotton square, a carpet scrap,  a magazine picture, and a corrugated cardboard base.

While searching for materials, she also found a scrap of styrofoam and wondered if she could paint on it. So she painted this happy face. It was easy; the styrofoam had a nice smooth surface and the paint soaked right in.

Hmmm. Next she found a slice of wood. What would that be like to paint on? This time she found that the wood created a different type of painting. She could see the rough texture of the wood by painting over it. And she made very nice painting on natural wood.

But wait, there's more! This little artist also had time to wrap several pieces of ribbon and yarn around a long piece of cardboard, and had yet more project ideas in the works when, alas, it was time to go home.  Until next time, little artist!

Open-ended art is about exploring ideas and tools and materials, while creating at will! Open-ended art, also known as process art, provides essential learning experiences for young children. However, open studio art activities are valuable for anyone desiring to unlock their own creative potential.

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