Saturday, November 02, 2019

Blustery Autumn Trees

This painting reminds me of a song. Remember "Colors of the Wind" in the movie Pocahontas?

Our goal was to paint something that we could not see. How would we paint the wind?

These Blustery Autumn Trees were painted by adults in acrylic on canvas panels.

We considered the colors of fall and the effects of a windy day, such as barren branches, swirls of autumn leaves, and birds struggling to fly against the wind. The painting also seemed to invite a bit of spookiness (as a Halloween option). 

Our children's classes painted the Blustery Autumn Tree as well.  They started by painting the background using swirls of autumn colors to represent the blustery wind.

After the paint was dry, they painted the tree in thick black paint.

Next, they added details like tire swings, pumpkins, leaf piles, grave stones, and birds (or bats?) flying in the sky. 

The last step was to add sparkly glitter, sequins, and other bits of "bling!"

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