Sunday, August 09, 2020

More Outdoor Still Life!

These still life tempera paintings were inspired by impressionist Berthe Morisot

Most of our young artists had painted a spring bouquet in her style in a previous class, so they were excited to try again. This time they would be painting a still life creation of their own.
We first assembled a simple still life, combining man-made and natural elements, and set it on our table to observe.

Then we selected a piece of colored sulphite paper, and taped it down to the table (it was a very windy day).

We started by using black tempera paint (no pencil) and a small round brush to outline the basic shapes of our still life on our paper. We then painted in our still life objects while  wiping excess paint colors in the background for color repetition and excitement. (We rinsed our brushes only to avoid muddiness or remove black paint.) 


We then added small details, such as notches in a birch stick or decorations on a vase. 

The last step was to re-outline the still life elements and table top line once again, as needed.

This painting was created by our youngest artist, age 6.

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