Friday, August 14, 2020

Seashells on the Seashore

Imagine walking along the beach, listening to the waves as the lapping water cools your toes. 

You look down -- and what do you see? 

These are small canvas paintings designed to inspire an imaginary walk along the beach. Do you hear the seagulls, smell the salty ocean, and feel the sand between your toes? 

We painted the smooth green and blue and turquoise ocean colors first.

We added the sand on the other end of the canvas, using our own mixtures of yellow ocher, tan, brown, and white. We used a stiff one-inch brush to dab on the sandy texture.

Then, along where the water and seashore meet, we added our frothy white waves.

We even added glitter paint for extra color and shine!

We chose our seashell models from my collection. Artists could paint them directly onto the sandy beach, or separately on prepped canvas material, to be cut out and attached to the seashore. 
This is my sample painting with seashells painted directly on the sand.
I also painted another seashell on a bit of prepared canvas fabric 
and cut it out to display with the painting.
Our artists selected their own favorite seashells, plus a sand dollar (collected by yours truly in California) to take home and display with their completed seashore paintings.

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