Saturday, August 12, 2017

Paint like Joan Miro!

Three Children in the Park
"The simplest things give me ideas." ~ Joan Miro

Painting like Joan Miro, a Spanish abstract artist, is just plain fun!

We took a look at his interesting, playful style and observed all of the weird shapes and humorous symbolic forms used in his work. It was so interesting to think about "playing" while working. What a great job that would be!

We drew Miro-style shapes on coffee filters that had been ironed flat. We used black Sharpies to do this, which are permanent. Then we filled in the shapes with lots of liquid watercolor, which spread into the soft filters.

We then cut a square out of the most colorful portion and glued it to a black mat (with a piece of white paper behind the filter to better show off the color)

"When I stand in front of a canvas, I never know what I'm going to do - and nobody is more surprised than I am at what comes out."  ~ Joan Miro

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