Monday, August 07, 2017

Paint Like Paul Klee!

Cottage Garden in Person     1933
"Art does not reproduce what we see."  ~ Paul Klee

This week we "painted like the masters!" We looked at and studied each master artist's paintings while learning about where and when the artist lived, and how their life events affected their paintings. We learned about art movements and styles, such impressionism, abstract art, portraiture, and still life art. We painted with temperas, watercolors, oil pastel (resist), and acrylics on canvas. Best of all, we had a great time!

On Monday we painted like Paul Klee (1879-1940), a Swiss/German Expressionist. His work looked abstract to us as well. He was always trying new, playful images; especially bold lines and strong geometric forms. You can always see 'something' in his images, but different people see different things. This is Expressionism.

What can you see in these paintings?

"A painter should not paint what he sees, but what will be seen."
~ Paul Klee

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