Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Paint Like Monet!

The Japanese Bridge, 1899

"I would like to paint the way a bird sings." ~ Claude Monet

This week we painted like Claude Monet. First we learned about this French Impressionist and how he saw the world differently that other painters before him. His desire was to paint his impression of a place or a setting - using light and its effects on color to create more than just a reproduction of a place. He wasn't concerned with accurately depicting details. He wanted to portray his overall impression or the atmosphere or the mood surrounding his subject. 

The Japanese footbridge over the waterlily pond was probably one of Monet's favorite subjects. He painted this scene many, many times. Different seasons, different times of the day, different lighting and shadows. 

We decided to paint it too.

Our morning class painted the bridge using oil pastel resist and watercolor. 

Our afternoon class created acrylic paintings on canvas. This was challenging, but the results were lovely as students captured light peeking through trees, dark shadows, glimmering water, and colorful waterlilies.

They painting their bridges whatever color they wanted - artistic license allows you to do that! 

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