Saturday, July 28, 2018

Magical Mechanical Flying Sculptures!

This week we made 
Magical Mechanical 
Flying Sculptures!

I KNOW! Amazing, right? These young artists can make ANYTHING!!!!

How did they do it?

They started with an ordinary BOX, which they painted white (we used gesso.) 

Then they painted the box using any colors they wanted. They mixed most of their own colors.

While the paint dried, the artists created a magical CROWN from a cardboard tube. We added plenty of magic with glittery paint and gems and beads and other magical ingredients for this task.  

Then we added details to our machine such as buttons and knobs and gauges and switches and gears and portholes and warning notices and who-knows-what else. 

We also added wheels, soft landing pads, or 'boingy' things to the bottom of the machine. 

Some artists used a photo of themselves operating the machine. You could see them driving the machine through a little window.

To make the wings, we used wooden tools to engrave or "tool" the shapes into heavy gauge tooling foil with soft felt underneath. We created organic shapes, like insect or bird wings (not airplane or jet wings). Then they tooled feathers and other types of patterns and textures into each wing, and cut the wings out.

The wings were then attached with a brad through a drilled hole in each side of the box and a hole punched into the wing. 

The wings can now be swiveled and bent at will for perfect flying!

Here is my amazing flying sculpture. (Of course I made one too!)

A BIG thank you to Small Hands Big Art for this amazing project idea!

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