Thursday, July 19, 2018

Painting Like Jackson Pollock

This week we Painted Like the Masters - always a favorite!

Reflection of the Big Dipper, 1947

"I want to express my feelings, not illustrate them."

On Monday we painted like American artist Jackson Pollock. Nicknamed "Jack the Dripper," his Drip and Splash method of painting included pouring, dripping, splashing, splattering, swirling, flinging, and flicking all sorts of paint onto huge canvases laid flat on the floor of his New York studio. He was the leading force behind the abstract expressionist movement, and considered one of the 20th century's most influential artists. His radical abstract style redefined the relationships between line and color and how a canvas can be filled with expressive imagery. Because of his active style of painting, he was also known as "Action Jackson."

To create our Pollock-style action Paintings, we first covered the studio floor with a large drop cloth. We experimented with latex paint, acrylic paint, and tempera paint to create our masterpieces. We used long handled synthetic brushes to drip, throw, swish, and fling the paint onto large sheets of paper and poster board. 

The latex paint seemed to work the best because it drops from the brush slowly, leaving long stringy lines on the paper. We also liked the glossy surface of this kind of paint after it dries. 
This latex painting, titled "Halloween," is defined by its exciting shapes and seasonal colors. I think I see candy corn swirling around in it!

We tried thinning some of our tempera paint to an almost watercolor consistency, which was great for splattering! 
Abbi also tried spraying with water and allowing the paint to drip and blend for an interesting affect. Then she splattered some more!

We also tried incorporating other types of elements into our 'action paintings,' including collage and stamping paint with sponges and scrubbers. This one, titled Animated, includes collaged images of animated movie, toy, and game characters. 

Here are a few more of our Jackson Pollock-style action paintings. Super fun and super cool!


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