Monday, July 23, 2018

Paint Like Piet Mondriaan

Mondriaan Mural Abstract

"Curves are so emotional!"  

Piet Mondriaan was a Dutch artist, known for his cubist abstract paintings. He used grid-like shapes with black, white, and bold colors. He is said to have never used a ruler to paint lines and he mixed all of his own colors, which were always variations of the primaries red, blue, and yellow.  

Mondriaan's art is very popular in the Netherlands, especially in his hometown of Amersfoort. His abstract art designs can be seen on objects everywhere; from fashions, furniture, and bags, to clock faces, buildings, and even soda cans!

There are many ways to create Mondriaan-style art. We decided on a collage. 

First, I selected as many different shades of red, blue, and yellow paper that I could find, which we cut into various square and rectangular shapes, large and small. I also cut lots of long black strips with the paper cutter. 

We selected and glued red, blue, and yellow shapes to a large piece of white paper, ensuring that the edges were always vertical and horizontal (no diagonal placements) so that we could be true to Mondriaan's style of painting. 

Then we glued on the black stripes, some of which were wider and some narrower.  Some had to be cut to fit into smaller spaces. It was like putting together a puzzle, and it was fun!

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