Saturday, May 18, 2019

Portraiture with John

Our Home School Art Club had a wonderful opportunity to try portrait art with our portrait painting instructor, John Martin. 

We started by observing a portrait demonstration. 

The next week we painted along with John. Both models were class members. 

Our goal, as beginners, was not to portray the person, but to  portray a person. Capturing a likeness comes with practice. 

We had two goals:

- to become comfortable creating a portrait.

- to mix and work with a variety of flesh tones

- for our portraits to look like a real person. 

To create these portraits of Jeanette, we used vine charcoal and soft pastel on tinted paper. We also tried out the pony easels, also referred to as drawing ponies. This was a great experience for our young artists!

This is John's demonstration portrait of Italia.

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