Thursday, May 23, 2019

Watercolor Still Life

These are large format watercolor still life paintings (18" x 24") created by middle school students during after school open studio time on Wednesday afternoons. 

We used liquid and pan watercolors on heavy weight cold-press watercolor paper.

This is my sample, which I painted along with the kids.

First we set up the still life. Everyone had a chance to decide if an object should be added or removed and where to place each item on the still life "stage." 

This was our final still life arrangement. 

Next, we sketched the still life lightly with pencil and added a simple checkerboard pattern to represent the quilt, which we painted first using any colors desired. 

Our goal was not to duplicate the still life, but to create an original, interesting, colorful still life painting using the still life as our model. The artists chose to add or remove or rearrange within their compositions, as well as what type of color scheme would work the best. 

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