Sunday, August 04, 2019

Adorable Sea Otters!

Adorable sea otters - who can resist??? 

Not only are they cute as can be, sea otters also help to protect kelp forests that are vital to healthy coastlines by eating the sea urchins and other invertebrates that feast on giant kelp forests. 

And, just to add to the cuteness... they like to wrap themselves up in the kelp and take a nap! 

To create our sea otters, we first drew them on colored sulphite paper and used oil pastel to fill in the fur and other details. Then we cut them out, and using a large scrap of the paper, we created a sea otter pup in the same way. 

We created kelp by cutting stems and leaves from green tissue paper and gluing them together. 

We positioned our sea otters on a large piece of turquoise sulphite paper and added oil pastel ripples of water in white and blue.

Then we glued everything down. For added dimension (and cuteness), we glued the pups onto mom's belly using 3-D foam dots. Then we folded sea otter mom's arms over her baby.
Joseph's Sea Otter and Pup

Asean'ee's Sea Otter and Pup

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