Saturday, August 03, 2019

Sea Gulls!

Joseph's Seagull

What is a beach scene without seagulls? No matter how you feel about them, they belong on a beach.

What I've learned about seagulls is this: don't have a picnic at the beach and wander away even for a few seconds. Your lunch will end up flying or hopping away. 

Seagulls can be very crafty, and they are not afraid of us humans.

This was a mixed media project that was completed in stages.

First step was to create the ocean. We simply spread liquid watercolor across a sheet of white sulphite paper, spritzed it with water, and added salt.

While our oceans dried, we drew and colored in our sea gulls using oil pastels. We used mostly white, black, and greys, which we blended a bit to create form and volume. We outlined them in black last.

Then we cut out our seagulls.

Next, we created our sky in pastels at the top of a 12" x 18" piece of light blue sulphite paper. We glued a 9" x 12" piece of tan sulphite paper at the bottom, then glued our ocean over the center after tearing across the bottom a couple times to create waves.

We then added a sandpaper perch and a few rocks and debris, which we touched up with white paint. 

Shea's Seagull
Asean'ee's Seagull
My "Thievin' Oreo Lovin' Seagull"

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