Monday, August 05, 2019

Unicorns of the Sea!

Narwhals, which are also called the Unicorns of the Seaare incredibly interesting and unusual creatures. They also elusive and rarely seen.

So, in the interest of science, our young artists have worked hard to create these fabulous illustrations of the Narwhal, just for you! 

They started by sketching a few of them on our individual white boards. One they had a plan, we sketched them again on a 12 x 18" piece of watercolor paper. 

Then we outlined them again and drew in the details with black Sharpies.

Next, we filled our Narwhals in with colors and patterns using oil pastels. It was not our goal  to color them in completely. That would be done in the next step.

They used one color of liquid watercolor to fill in our Narwhals, creating a resist; the paint filled only the areas in between the oil pasteled areas.

The next step was to paint the water. They drew white pastel swirls and bubbles in the water, then we covered the watery areas with liquid blue, aquas, and violets. Again, the resist effect made the bubbles and sparkles pop out!

The last step was to spritz the water a bit and add some course salt to the wet areas to work its magic. After they dried, we wiped off the salt. 


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