Friday, April 01, 2016

Art in the Style of Andy Warhol!

Andy Warhol's name and Pop Art are synonymous, so we couldn't leave Warhol out of our look at contemporary artists, now could we? We decided that his 1980's computer-altered portraits of celebrities were particularly interesting, so we decided to create Warhol-style self-portraits. 

We started by uploading an ordinary "selfy" into FotoFlexer (a free online photo editor). We used the PopArt option to create a four-plex altered image of ourselves and printed it out in vibrant color!

We then collected the first letter of our name in as many colors and fonts as possible from magazines and also printed out a few from MS Word. Some artists also cut out a few additional elements for their artwork. 

Then we Mod Podged everything to a piece of crescent board (we learned that black works best). Once complete, the piece could be Mod Podged or sprayed with gloss acrylic overall for a beautiful shiny surface.

Our pop art really "pops," doesn't it?

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