Friday, April 01, 2016

Art in the Style of David Hockney!

David Hockney is a UK artist who likes CHAIRS...lots and lots of chairs! (Sometimes he paints dogs in chairs, such as this one.) Since chairs are a rather uncommon art subject, we decided to find out why he paints chairs. We discovered that chairs are literal pieces of art that we look at every day. They are designed not only for comfort (most of them) but also to look at. That's why there are so many shapes and styles and colors of chairs. 
To paint chairs, Hockney selects an interesting chair, then he distorts the shape to make it even more interesting. Then, he paints it, using rich, vibrant colors. What fun!!!

For our project, we found pictures of all different styles of chairs in magazines. Then we chose a chair and sketched it on watercolor paper, not worrying about perspective or perfection. This is no-stress drawing! 

Lastly, we painted our chairs and the background using thick tempera paint. 

These were so cool! We plan to try another David Hockney-style painting next month.

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