Friday, April 01, 2016

Art in the Style of Wayne Thiebaud!

Yummy - yummy! We just finished creating some delicious Wayne Thiebaud (pronounced TEE-bow) treats and can't wait to share them!

Our's are made from oil pastel on black paper and are so realistic, your mouth will water!

Jeanette's "Stawberry Short Cake"

Oil pastel is always a hit at the art center, so this was a lot of fun to try. 
Carolyn's "Birthday Cake"

A simple drawing lesson comes first, then selecting one's color palette from the tray of pastels. 

The fun begins when the pastels take on the form of tasty treats - and it gets harder and harder to remember that this is NOT food!

Here are some samples of all of the deliciousness!

Corban's "Carrot Cake"

Joseph's "Strawberry Chocolate Cake"

Madi's "Pink Birthday Cake" collage
Sample cake

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